Q: What is the length of the rental?
The rental length is on full day. We believe that you should have it for how ever long you want it. Please keep in mind that our latest pick up is at 9pm.
Q: Do you have insurance?
Yes we do. For us, safety is a big factor. Although not required in California, we have taken the initiative to provide it for everybody.
Q: Do you set up at parks?
Yes we do. If you are going to have a jumper at a park, be sure to inform the park personnel to ensure you have your kiosk reserved.
Q: Do you set up on a windy day?
Unfortunately, No. Per Manufacturers specification and our own safety standards, we will not set up in winds over 25MPH.
Q: Do I need a deposit to reserve my jumper?
On rentals totaling over $250.00 there is a deposit required of $100.00. For your convenience, we can stop by your home to collect it.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
We require clients to cancel at least ten (10) days prior to the event date in order to avoid charges.
Q: What's the latest we can have it at a park?
It is recommended to have the jumper out of the park by sunset per company policy and for safety reasons.
Q: Do we always need a generator at a park?
No. Some parks are now starting to provide power that would alleviate the additional cost to you. Be sure to ask your park personnel.
Q: Can I provide my own generator?
No. For safety and liability reasons, we must provide (when needed) our own generator.
Q: I don't know if the jumper will fit in my yard, can you help?
If time and availability is permitted, we can come out to measure to ensure a good fit. We do this in order to prevent confusion. Cancellations can be made on the spot to ensure customer satisfaction. This process also helps us as well to know what to expect when we arrive to set up your rental.